PulsePoint Privacy Policy

The PulsePoint Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a singular mission – to save lives. We pursue this mission by providing location-aware mobile applications to potential citizen rescuers. Of equally critical importance is ensuring the anonymity and privacy of potential emergency responders, as well as the victims themselves.

Information We Collect from PulsePoint Application Users
Use of the PulsePoint mobile application is completely anonymous.

No personally identifiable information from the PulsePoint mobile application, or the device upon which it is installed, is ever collected or retained.

The PulsePoint app never accesses any information on your device except the unique device identification number which is required for the PulsePoint server to send alert messages to your device.

If you configure the PulsePoint application settings to permit the app to alert you to nearby cardiac attack emergencies, the PulsePoint server will access your current location for immediate reference. In this case, only the current location of your device is known – no movement history is maintained.

Information We Collect Regarding Cardiac Arrest Victims
PulsePoint does not receive, collect, or retain any individually identifiable health information regarding cardiac arrest victims – or anybody else.

The identity of any individual involved in an incident reported by the app, regardless of the nature of the incident, is unknown to PulsePoint.

For ‘CPR Needed’ notification, the app reports the victim’s location only if the emergency is reported to be in a public location. The app does not reveal the exact location of medical emergencies that occur in private residences.

No personally identifiable information of any sort, including name, birth date, or Social Security Number is ever reported to or known by PulsePoint.

Information We Collect From Emergency Dispatch Systems
The information PulsePoint receives from Emergency Dispatch Systems varies by agency. However, in no instance does PulsePoint ever receive or retain personally identifiable information regarding emergency victims or responders.

Disclosure Information
We do not collect, retain, or disclose any personal or personally identifiable information or data regarding application users, emergency responders, or emergency victims.

Data Retention
PulsePoint retains the data it collects the purposes of analysis, reporting, technology development, and quality control. This data never includes any personally identifiable information since such information is never collected by PulsePoint. From time to time PulsePoint may share aggregated reports and analysis of this information with qualified partners, agencies, or other third parties.

Questions About This Notice
If you have any questions about this notice, please contact us at info@pulsepoint.org.