App Activations (via Twitter)

Twitter Logo1000 lives a day are lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. SCA often occurs in active, outwardly healthy people with no known heart disease or other health problems.

To increase awareness of the PulsePoint app and its important role in the community, the foundation broadcasts all app activations in real time on Twitter. It is hoped that this knowledge will encourage additional app installs and increase citizen-helping-citizen participation through PulsePoint.

The tweet includes how many potential citizen rescuers were located nearby and notified. A low number means we need to grow community participation – more potential rescuers equals more lives saved. The tweet does not include full address information as it is not intended to initiate a response. The app is used for that purpose as it has the capability to notify only those in the immediate vicinity of the person in need.

The tweet text looks like this:

CPR Activation for @SJFD at 10:49 AM PST (14TH ST); 8 citizen responders just notified. #SCA #CPR #AED

To receive these live updates follow the PulsePoint Foundation @1000livesaday using the button below.